The Best Old, Vintage, Antique & Rare Maps

The Best Old, Vintage, Antique & Rare Maps

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The Unique Maps Co. makes maps in Australia and in 22 other countries around the world.
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My complete collection of the best unique, historic and old maps. I have hundreds of old maps of UK and Ireland cities and counties, charming maps of London, interesting world maps, and a growing collection of North and Central America maps, Asia and Middle East maps, Australia mapsEurope maps and quite a few from elsewhere too.

Most of my maps can be personalised or customised to your exact specification, or printed and framed at very large sizes (2 metres or more). Contact me if that's what you're looking for. Maps from the Unique Maps Co. look interesting and beautiful on any wall - great for yourself, or as a birthday, anniversary, work leaving or housewarming gift!

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