How my custom maps are made

My custom maps are unique maps that are made from other maps - usually old maps, but sometimes modern maps as well.

Every custom map is different. When you order, you will tell me what you want the map to focus on. I will then handcraft a map that looks just like a real map, but with your chosen focus in the middle of the map.

Here's a nice example. Above you can see the full map of London And 10 Miles Around by John Rocque, 1746. A customer loved the style of this map, but wanted a smaller map focused on their childhood stomping ground of Islington.

The customer also wanted me to age their map. You can see the end result below.

Style and era

When you order a custom made map, you can choose the era and style of your map. Older maps tend to be more ornate, more interesting, and less accurate.  Newer maps (from about 1940 onwards) tend to be simpler, accurate and, well, modern.

Most customers opt for the oldest street map possible that has their house on it. Usually this means a map from the late 1800s or early 1900s. But some customers prefer maps from the 1940s or 1960s - they look a bit more modern, plus they're perfect gifts for people who were born in those decades.

My custom maps don't stop there, though!

Further customisation

Some customers like me to mark their house on the map, usually by carefully colouring the house in with their chosen accent colour. Sometimes, if their house is modern, but the map is old, I will add their house to the map.

Customers can also choose to have their address at the bottom of the map. Usually I use black for this, but an accent colour can work nicely too.

And some customers want something else entirely. Their property boundary coloured in. A secret message in a field that may go undiscovered for years. A series of little footsteps highlighting a favourite hiking route. A custom mount and frame. Or, in the image above, my customer wanted the beach where they got married to be labelled and coloured in blue. Really, the possibilities are endless.

As always, please get in touch if you want to discuss an idea, check if something's possible, or to ask how much it'll cost.

Or, if you're ready to buy, head over to my custom made maps shop.

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