Tree Planting at The Unique Maps Co.

Starting in 2023, we've partnered with Treeapp to plant trees around the world. For every order over £50 (€50/$60), we will plant a tree in your name. The exact order amount varies by country. You can find more info on the product page before you add a map to your basket.

Treeapp is a certified B Corporation that does a lot more than just plant trees. Across Europe (Wales), Asia (Nepal & Indonesia), the Americas (Brazil & Peru), and Africa (Kenya, Madagascar, and others), Treeapp secures long-term (15+ years) contracts with local communities, landowners and governments to ensure that its trees flourish and lock up lots of CO2.

By carefully selecting the right mix of seeds, growing conditions and fencing, Treeapp says that 85%+ of its trees reach maturity.

An image showing the progress of three Treeapp planting sites

And the best bit? They track everything! Every tree planted. Every kilogram of CO2 stored. The number of reforested hectares. They even capture regular satellite and aerial imagery so you can see the real impact of reforestation.

Over time, we will update this page to show how many trees have been planted by customers of The Unique Maps Co., and how much CO2 we've sequestered.

Sustainability at The Unique Maps Co.

Sustainability is very important to us, and we're always trying to reduce our "footprint" upon the world's natural resources wherever possible.

In addition to planting trees, we also:

  • Make and deliver about 95% of orders locally, massively reducing CO2 emissions by not using international logistics networks
  • Use FSC certified paper for our maps and packaging
  • Use FSC certified wood for our frames

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